The Fieldbrook Giant

"Sequoia Sempervirens" - The Fieldbrook Giant of 1275 years    

Two years of research, correspondence, and serendipity have enabled me to create wood-block prints from the gargantuan Fieldbrook Giant Redwood Cross Section. This original hand-registered print conveys the tree's grandeur and ecological history. Growth rings are illustrated by crisp black embossed lines separated by millimeters of white space - depicting the marriage of aesthetic value and an archival documentation of the tree's life and death.

The cross section derives from the world's largest redwood stump known as the "Fieldbrook Giant" - an estimated 1275 year-old tree that was felled at the turn of the 20th century. The cross section is exhibited by caretaker Eric Hollenbeck, founder of the Blue Ox Museum in Eureka, California. It was sawn 70 feet up from the base of the redwood tree, and spans 13ft x 12ft in diameter. With Eric's support, a team of professional artists, and with aid from sponsors: Gamblin Colors and Legion Paper, the project was commenced and completed in June-July, 2016. This project is a once in a lifetime opportunity and has been my biggest undertaking to date.